Lithium Battery Useage Instruction

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Battery Usage Notice

 Please read and follow the handling instructions for the battery before use. Improper use of the battery may cause heat, fire, rupture, damage or capacity deterioration of the battery. INFINIENERGY LTD. Describes is not responsible for any accidents caused by the usage without following our handling instructions.
    Before use, please carefully read the handling instructions and the marks on the battery.
    Please use the battery under room environments. Temperature: -20~35 Relative Humidity: 65±20%.
    During use, please far away from heat source, high voltage and avoid children to use. Don’t beat battery.
 Please use the special charger to charge the battery, and don’t put the battery in the charger more than 24 hours.
Do not make the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals short circuit. And do not wet the battery , or will have dangers.
    Please store the battery well if don’t use in a long time. Please keep the battery in half charge, that is to say don’t charge fully and don’t discharge completely. Please avoid touching with metal to damage the battery. Please store the battery in shade, cool and dry place.
Do not put the battery into a fire or water, and please safely deal with the disuse battery.

 Danger& Warning & Caution

* When Charge the battery, please use special charger and following the handling instructions.
* Only use the battery on the appointed device.
* Don’t heat the battery or put into the fire.
* Don’t use the battery near to fire sources and don’t use or leave it in the car which temperature is over 60, And don’t charge the battery in these environments.
* Don’t throw the battery into water and don’t wet it.
* Don’t use metal conductors avoiding not to make the two electrodes short circuit.
* Don’t reverse the two electrodes when use the battery.
* Don’t penetrate the battery with sharp things.
* Do not disassemble the battery.
* Don’t weld the battery directly.
* Don’t use the battery with seriously scratch and distortion.
* Please carefully read the handling instruction before use.
  * Don’t put the battery into heater, washing machine or high voltage container.
  * Don’t use the chargers without appointment and UL certificate.
  * If the battery is not fully charged in the stated time, please stop charging.
  * Please stop using if you find the battery heat, smell odor, change color, distort or other abnormal states.
  * Please far away from the battery if you find leakage or terrible smell.
  * Please wash with clean water if the electrolyte leak on your skin or clothes.
  * If the battery leaks, and the electrolyte get into the eyes. Do not wipe eyes, instead, rinse the eyes with clean water, and immediately see a doctor.


*Place the battery far away from children in order not to swallow by them.
* Children’s guardians should guide the children when they use the batter.
* Please have a profound understanding of the battery handling instruction before use.
* Please study the operating guide before Charging the battery.
* Please carefully read the operating guide of the device before put into or take out the battery from it.
* Battery has usage cycle life, if working time is quite little than usual, please change your battery.
* If the battery cycle life is over, please take it out of the device quickly.
* If don’t use the battery for a long time, please take it out of your device and store it under a low temperature & low humidity environment.
 * Charge, use and store the battery should be far away from electrostatic place.
  * If the user needs to support the parallel use, please charge the battery packs to full capacity with same type of charger, and set it aside for 8 hours, professionals only. This production Parallel use which most groups is 3.This battery pack support application no more than 4 parallel. If user need to apply this product to more groups parallel, please reconfirm application details with us.
* This batteries pack allows a maximum of 4 series using. Any requirements for more series connection, please contact TOPBAND for details.
  * We suggest charge the battery to 12.8~13.6V every three months.
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